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After treatments by Dr. Goodwin, I was able to resume my daily lifestyle without pain and limited mobility. The adjustments improved my posture, flexibility and walking pace and stride. His office staff is positive and assists in making each treatment effective. Due to my improved physical ability, my wife is also seeing Dr. Goodwin. I highly recommend McDermott Chiropractic.
— B. E.


I was having severe headaches that made it difficult to concentrate at work, or anywhere for that matter. I had a tough time going to sleep at night and was usually awakened due to the headaches. I suffered with these migraines for two weeks before my wife referred me to Dr. Goodwin.

My headaches were completely gone 2/3 weeks after my first adjustment. I am not one to take aspirin or Tylenol, so Dr. Goodwin’s treatments were an answer to prayer. It’s been more than two months since my regular visits, and I still feel great… absolutely NO HEADACHES!
— A. K.


I know that as our moms come in as new patients with their precious babies, you will love them and care for them just as you have mine. And for that I also thank you. You are so much more to me than a chiropractic office. Over the last three years I have become to feel as if you are my family, just helping me grow my children.
— K. H.


I was experiencing severe low back pain which would wake me up at night. The pain went on for several months. I was taking up to ten ibuprofen per day. (Not Recommended!!!) I had seen several chiropractors over the years, but I became discouraged by the slow or little progress. After being referred to Doctor Goodwin by my boss I noticed tremendous results with my first treatment. My severe low back pain was dramatically decreased. I stopped taking Motrin and started sleeping through the night again. I am pleased with my results.
— C. M.


My spine misalignment had been with me for quite some time causing much discomfort and pain. I had been treated by other chiropractors with only general to satisfactory results. After being referred to Dr. Goodwin’s office by a business associate, I have had tremendous sustaining results. This is much better than any previous treatments I had received.
— E. M.


Referred by my daughter and wife who both had successful treatments with Dr. Goodwin, after about 4 months of regular treatments I am now pain free. I’m seeing the doctor about once a month and remain pain free. I would enthusiastically recommend his services if appropriate.
— T. M.


I am so thankful for Dr. Goodwin and the treatment he has performed on me. I feel so much better---and I’m not just talking about my back and hips. I feel good…healthy…well. I am looking forward to my son being treated by Dr. Goodwin. I know he too will benefit greatly.
— L. G.


I have had back problems for over ten years. I went through many sessions with two other chiropractors. I would have temporary relief, but nothing-long term. I lost all confidence in doctors. My friend actually had to make my first appointment because I did not trust anyone. Dr. Goodwin said, “Just give me a chance.” I now feel wonderful. I can wake up in the mornings and have NO PAIN.
— R. L.


My family doctor saw me and he did X-rays. With no information from the X-rays, he prescribed pain medication. Nothing changed. The pain medication did not even touch the pain. After being referred to Doctor Goodwin by my friend, my results have been unbelievable! The headaches are gone. I am getting more sleep, and I have no pain turning my head. Thank you Doctor Goodwin. You have improved my quality of life.
— M. T.


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